metrobasel for cantons, municipalities and communes

The territorial authorities (cantons, municipalities and communes) within the Basel metropolitan region, as representatives of the residents and/or citizens, differ from globally mobile businesses in that they depend 100% on the continuation of the life-sciences success story. This may be either directly as a location of life-sciences businesses or their suppliers or indirectly, but no less dependently, as residential or local recreational locations.

The territorial authorities thus have an enormous interest in ensuring that the general environmental conditions that made the life-sciences success story possible in the first place are maintained and are further improved in those respects in which action is needed.

That is metrobasel’s calling. It concentrates on those fields of politics in which the Basel metropolitan region as a location is at risk of losing ground in the increasingly tough global competition between locations, particularly vis-à-vis locations in North America and Asia.

metrobasel for businesses

Nearly all the businesses in the Basel metropolitan region depend directly or indirectly on the continuation of the metrobasel life-sciences success story. Businesses thus have a huge interest in maintaining the good general environmental conditions that have made this possible to date. Wherever there is danger of the Basel metropolitan region not being able to keep pace in the ever-fiercer competition with other locations, such as in university-level education or in the specific regulations for key high-productivity sectors (such as pharmaceuticals and banks) or in the performance of the multimodal gateway comprised of Basel and Zurich, it is in the interest of businesses take those in political power, particularly in the federal government in Berne, take such challenges very seriously.

metrobasel for associations and unions

There are also many associations and unions in the Basel metropolitan region that are today already active in campaigning in one way or another for particular issues where what is at stake is maintaining and continuing the life-sciences success story. They too are interested in maintaining and improving the general environmental conditions for international competitiveness.

metrobasel for private individuals

Nearly all the inhabitants and citizens of the Basel metropolitan region depend directly or indirectly on the continuation of the metrobasel life-sciences success story.

By becoming members of metrobasel, they can work actively to make the “metrobasel 2020” vision into a reality, with the aim of developing the Basel metropolitan region sustainably and ensuring it is well positioned in international competition, by making progress and breakthroughs in the six fields mentioned. That also includes strengthening the Basel metropolitan region’s external advocacy of the causes of fundamental concern to it.

metrobasel constitutes a valuable platform for meeting and networking in order to encourage dialogue and debate in the Basel metropolitan region.

By becoming a member of metrobasel, you contribute to strengthening the dialogue and cooperation within the Basel metropolitan region, which is crossed by various national and cantonal borders, which are not called into question as such.

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