Through targeted agenda setting, metrobasel is aiming to mobilise political decision makers at all levels for the implementation of the “metrobasel 2020” vision.

Metrobasel’s top priority is to develop projects in the fields specified in its statutes which aresuitable for implementing the targets laid down in the “metrobasel 2020” vision, namely:

metrobasel studies and projects:

The metrobasel studies and projects are intended to provide decision makers at all levels with good arguments as to why progress must be made on important concerns and aims contained in the “metrobasel 2020” vision.

-> metrobasel studies and projects

metrobasel organised gatherings

On the occasion of various organised events with different representatives from politics, business and civil society, metrobasel studies and projects are presented, and discussion invited.

metrobasel forum: theannual milestone every November as we build up the dynamic Basel metropolitan region

-> metrobasel forum (DE)

metrobasel economic forum: for metrobasel partners only

-> metrobasel economic forum (DE)

metrobasel regional forums: regional organised events in the individual part-regions of the Basel metropolitan region

-> metrobasel regionale foren (DE)

metrobasel dialogues with parliamentarians: dialogues held twice a year with political decision makers and leading business figures on issues decided on at the level of the Confederation (research and education, transport, regulation of key sectors of the economy).

-> metrobasel Parlamentariergespräche (DE)

metrobasel reports: Anyone who wants to thrive in future must know what their strengths and weaknesses are at present. The metrobasel report is published annually and states both unequivocally: the strengths and the weaknesses. At the same time, it also shows what stage has been reached in the implementation of the aims formulated in the “metrobasel 2020” vision and where action is still needed.

-> metrobasel reports

metrobasel news: The metrobasel Newsletter is published roughly twice a year and informs you about on-going projects, with reports on organised events and other items of news.

-> metrobasel news (DE)

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