Basel satisfies the quality criteria of a metropolitan region thanks to life sciences and its historic role as a gateway.

The Basel metropolitan region …

…is the largest life-sciences location in Europe
…is the most dynamic life-sciences location in Europe and the USA
…has a high density of global headquarters in life sciences: Novartis, Roche and Syngenta

   High density of decision centres for global information and business flows

…has the highest proportion of employees who have successfully completed at least secondary-school education compared with all competing life-sciences regions in Europe
… has the highest proportion of public and private expenditure on research and development as a percentage of GDP compared with competing life-sciences regions in Europe and the USA
…has the third-best university in the life-sciences disciplines as well as clinical medicine and pharmacy in continental Europe after the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and the University of Zurich

   Top-class innovative capacity: centre for research and development in life sciences

…is, in terms of global accessibility (by air), easier to reach than the competing life-sciences locations in California: San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California
…is, in terms of continental accessibility by rail, positioned after Frankfurt, Paris and London but clearly ahead of the Swiss metropolitan regions of Zurich and Geneva
…is the gateway to Switzerland (and partly to southern Europe too) for terrestrial transport: by water, road and rail for both freight and passengers

   Gateway function: interlinking the national and global economic areas

The Basel metropolitan region has a famous reputation thanks to…

…the Concilium Basiliense, which for some time was the centre of the still-united Roman-Catholic Western Europe
…the founding of one of the first universities north of the Alps
…the concentration of world-class art and design museums (Art Museum, Beyeler, Schaulager, Tinguely and Vitra)
…being a focal point for “iconic architecture” (Novartis Campus, Roche Tower, Vitra Campus and Herzog & de Meuron)

   Symbolic function: Basel’s traditional attractiveness

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